5 Easy Ways to Stretch Your Money

Stick to the List.
It is easy to get sucked into extra purchases at the store.  Impulse buying can cost you twice the amount that you expected to spend.  Make a list of the items that you really need, then stick to it.

Eliminate Data Overload
Exceeding data limits can be a shock to your wallet.  If you often exceed your limit, shop for another plan or another carrier.  Simply changing plans with the same provider can save money.  If you need to change to a new provider, be very careful about early termination of existing contracts.  That can cost even more.

Compete with friends or family to make saving money fun.  See who can find the best deal on a new or used designer bag, or see who can go the longest without hitting the coffee shop for an expensive latte.

Tackle the Little One
Heap your cash together to pay off the smallest debt first.  Then move on to the next in size.  Getting rid of payments can free up cash to get rid of more debt.  Before you know it, you will have less debt and more cash in your wallet.

Cool Down
When it comes to large purchases, take a wait and shop approach.  A 10 or 20 percent savings when a large ticket item goes on sale can be a lot of money.  Items like appliances and furniture go on sale often.  Wait a week or two maybe three and what you want will likely go on sale.