Saves Time
Writing checks, filling out return addresses, finding the scissors to clip the portion to be returned, locating stamps, walking your mail out to your mailbox, all take time.  Preparing one bill for the mail can take up to 10 minutes.  If you have 5 bills to pay, you may well spend 30 minutes.  With Priority Pay, you can have 10 bills scheduled to be paid in 5 minutes or less.  It has never been faster to get your bills done and gone.

You can pay your bills anytime and from anywhere.  When you suddenly remember that you forgot to pay the water bill as you are leaving on vacation, it’s no problem.  Just log in from our app to set it up then enjoy the rest of your vacation without worry.  You can even schedule vendors to be paid on a future date so that your bills are paid on the day that your regular deposit comes in.

Keeps Complete Records
Priority Pay keeps a record of every payment, so if you ever have a need for the documentation, it’s there.  Sometimes, it’s good to know the date of your last payment when you simply can’t remember if a bill has been paid.  Each payment will also show up separately in your share draft account history for your reference.  Be sure to write your Priority Pay payment confirmation number on your bill for future reference.

The best thing about Priority Pay is that you control the timing and amount of payments.  When payees are allowed to draft from your account, you risk unexpected debits to your account.  Sometimes payees draft in error, sometimes they adjust the timing of drafts and sometimes they draft an amount that you weren’t expecting.  All these situations can cause you grief.  When you control when and how much to pay, there are no surprises.

Speaking of no surprises, reminders can be set up to alert you when bills are coming due or when scheduled payments are about to be made.  Setting up reminders is a great way to avoid late fees.

Saves Money
Priority Pay saves you money because it’s FREE.  You never buy stamps.  You never buy envelopes.  You never have to race to the post office.  You avoid late fees. Some vendors are paid electronically, and some are paid by regular mail.  Either way, there is absolutely no cost to you. With the convenience, control, and reminders all working together, you will be able to avoid late fees.  There is no need to pay more than you have to.